Congratulations Gabriella Asmus!

You are now a proud monkey baby parent!

We are sure you are excited to add Dookie McCuddles to your family. Feel free to share this page with family and friends to keep them updated on Dookie's journey to your home.

Check this page frequently in order to stay up to date on Dookie's progress, and to see which stage of his adoption journey he is in currently.

This waiting period is often a time when many last-minute questions come up. We are here to help! Feel free to send us a message at any time, or call us at: (888) 240-0832.

Dookie's Progress

12/22/09: Underwent primary checkup
12/19/09: Placed into custody

Information About Dookie

Age: Eleven months
Species: Bonnet Macaque
Origin: Sabarimala, India
Current height: 29 inches
Current weight: 23 pounds