From Native Habitat to Your Home

The journey monkeys make from their native habitat to your home is a long one. Although each trek is slightly different, below are the typical steps a monkey goes through between leaving their home and reaching yours.

  1. One of the numerous international agencies we work with selects a suitable monkey who is mature enough to leave its family.
  2. The monkey is removed from its native habitat and put into captivity. The local agency monitors how the monkey reacts to being pulled away from its community to ensure it is able to change living situations.
  3. An initial health check is performed, making sure the monkey is in good shape and disease free.
  4. The monkey is transported from its home country to the United States via a special wildlife carriage service.
  5. Once in America, the monkey must pass a Federal-level health and disease examination, administered by United States Customs and Border personnel
  6. The monkey is held at our New York facility while it recovers from the journey and becomes acclimated to North American climate and terrain. Our domestic experts monitor the monkey's mental and social stability as a final check that the monkey is ready for your home.
  7. Once the monkey is deemed delivery-ready, a agent will personally transport the monkey to your residence. A final check of your house and living situation is performed, and the monkey is left with its new family!
About the Journey
  • Our monkeys come from literally all over the world.
  • We work with over a dozen agencies spread across three continents.
  • All monkeys come through our New York facility for checkups on their way to your home.
  • Monkeys are delivered with one of our agents to ease the transition.