Legal Aspects of Monkey Adoption

If you are interested in owning a monkey, it is important to know whether your state law permits ownership or not. While most states do allow legal ownership of monkeys, the best way to know for sure is by checking with the regulatory officer at your state's Department of Fish and Wildlife. They will be able to tell you about the local animal ordinance.

There are few states which have completely banned the ownership of primates, while others allow ownership with licensing. The ordinance department or the zoning office will provide you with this information.

In the places where ownership is not allowed, you can still apply for the license of breeder/exhibitor with the department of USDA. This department would then do a legal and critical check of your place for assurance. They would check whether your home conditions are suitable for the animal, survey your interaction and rearing capabilities, and determine whether in the future you can afford to keep one or not.

Legal Summary
  • Monkey adoption is legal in most states.
  • Contact local officials in order to know for certain.
  • We can help you get in touch with the right party to determine legality.